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3 Simple Steps to Your 1031 Exchange

Submit your information and Syndicated 1031 will select a vetted, trusted advisor with deep expertise with the Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 investments to advise you per your unique scenario


You will receive a phone call with an obligation-free 30-minute consultation to answer any 1031 DST questions you may have – including transparently describing DST fee structures

Expect the advisor to present a portfolio of DST properties that aligns with your goals and priorities. Eliminate management burdens, diversify and achieve passive monthly income

Access the Freedom
of Institutional Investing with 1031 DST Investment Properties


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Simplify Your Life into Retirement

  • Receive a monthly distribution ACH to your account
  • Rely on large institutional asset management companies to manage the property and negotiate lease extensions with national tenants
  • Never have to deal with a traditional 1031 exchange again!
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Defer Tax Consequences Forever

  • Carry forward your cost basis and defer your capital gain forever
  • Continue your depreciation schedule and add additional depreciable basis
  • Take advantage of estate-planning oriented products and a step-up in basis
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Mitigate Overconcentration Risk

  • Exchange your 1031 equity out of a single property into fractional ownership in an extremely large (+$100M) diversified portfolio of properties
  • Limit unexpected expenses by taking advantage of NN & NNN lease commercial properties
  • Stabilize long-term income by investing in credit-worthy with long (5-15 year) lease terms

Direct fractional ownership in investment-grade credit, national tenants who remained open during the COVID crisis.

1031 Exchange REIT - Amazon Fulfillment Location
Distribution / Warehouse
1031 Exchange REIT REIT - Walmart
Grocery Supercenter
1031 Exchange REIT - Dollar General
Essential Discount Retail
1031 Exchange REIT - Walgreens
Healthcare / Medical
1031 Exchange REIT - Publix
Single Tenant Grocery


“We always wanted to exchange our rentals for a stable income property, but we didn’t have enough equity built up to purchase a Dollar General, and didn’t want to take on that much personal debt. We found our solution through an advisor who deeply understood the opportunities to invest a small amount in a pool of properties, and he guided us toward a syndicated fund that met our needs perfectly! We are deeply appreciative.”

– Dave & Janet

“When my husband passed away, I knew I didn’t have it in me to manage his real estate affairs like he could. I found an advisor I could trust, and she guided me toward a diversified portfolio of properties that I could trade my properties into (via 1031 exchange). I didn’t have to pay taxes, and my trust work and estate planning process is now complete.”

– Eleanor

“My Walgreens had an original lease coming due in 3 1/2 years, and the negotiation process didn’t provide me with much confidence that I’d receive comparable rent. I was able to match my cash flow, increase my depreciation, and eliminate lease renewals forever. So far, working like clockwork.”

– Mark

1031 Exchange REIT Review - Eleanor

“I had extra cash in my investments account that was just sitting there doing nothing. I don’t trust the stock market right now, and I can’t even get a 1% return from the bank. This strategy lets me get the tax benefits of owning real estate while investing very manageable amounts of money into each fund.”

– Judy

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